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Debugging and troubleshooting SharePoint – Part 1

A friend of mine asked me a very cool question: "how does an MCM troubleshoot and debug SharePoint?" Well, as simple as the question is, I prepared a big set of tips that I believe are extremely unpopular in the SP development space, yet extremely powerful if used in the right way.  I use these ... [More]

Day 1 highlights for developers at SPC14

  The hype here at #SPC14 is absolutely huge. I am extremely excited about so many new things that are announced. I'm going to start keeping track of everything I find interesting and post it, so keep an eye out. For developers:   Office Web Widgets (Preview) - [More]

I’m speaking at SPC14 and ESPC14!

It has been a quiet period on blogging, but I have been very active in presentations and conferences. Well… not as active as Joel, Michael and Paul, but still active J Catch me next at: The SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vega, yeah baby!!!! Session 1: Access is back! High-value, 'no cod... [More]

Blog brought back up from the ashes….

Hi readers! You might have noticed my blog down for a few months. Quite sad, I was constantly getting spam comments and eventually the whole SharePoint.BG platform crashed, bringing down a few blogs.   It took a while for me to find out, then eventually book time to revive it with the help ... [More]

The Fall of the Master

Today the entire MCM/MCA and MCSM community received the sad and utterly disappointing message that all Master & Architect programs will be retired on the 1st of October, 2013. This is a complete shock to all involved in the community and is by far one of the worst decisions Microsoft has ever ... [More]